I have been suffering from a variety of respiratory issues for years – chronic cough, rounds of bronchitis, constant chest congestion and pain, shortness of breath. I have an inhaler but it just doesn’t work. I’ve run the gamut of answer from steroids, OTC meds and antibiotics. Nothing ever worked and all had side effects.

Well, I was just getting over the flu and was terrified of the respiratory problems I would suffer afterward. So I bought this product just to try it and was shocked at how well it worked. At first, I stopped coughing but the inflammation was still in my chest and it was the weirdest feeling! The next day, inflammation was gone and no coughing, it just kept getting better. This month, I have picked up a strong cold and took 2 sachets daily for 1 week straight and it worked wonders. It saved me a doctor’s visit and more RX medications. I have recommended this respiratory supplement to anyone that will listen. I feel like I’ve found a miracle answer to the terrible coughing that has plagued me for years.