My dad is 79 years old and a lung cancer survivor afflicted with COPD. Once the cancer was gone, he was still having problems breathing due to the COPD. He was on prescription inhalers multiple times a day, prescription pills and had breathing treatments throughout the day. Nothing was helping. He was also producing a lot of mucus (a symptom of the COPD) that was keeping him up most the night. He would lay down and would end up coughing and choking on the mucus. I started researching things online that may help him and saw this Lignosus product and decided to give it a try.

My dad started seeing a noticeable improvement in a matter of a few weeks and he kept on improving until he no longer needed his inhalers, pills and breathing treatments (this progress came a few months after beginning the Lignosus). He loves that this treatment has not only improved his quality of life by restoring much of his breathing and controlling mucus which allows for a better night’s sleep, but he LOVES that is an herbal treatment. To be able to have these results with a natural treatment, is truly a gift. He continues to take Lignosus and will remain on it as long as it continues to help him as it has. Thanks Lignosus for helping my dad feel good again!